Lithgow Public School

Courtesy and Courage

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At the heart of a school community is our ability to communicate effectively.

Communication between the school, parents, and students is about finding the right information for the purpose. Parents can connect with the day-to-day life of our children via this website, our mobile app, our official Facebook page, our newsletter and most importantly, face-to-face.


We use our website to host all of our necessary information. If you are relocating to Lithgow and are wanting to enrol your children, our website will provide all of the information required from enrollment procedures, transport, values, and our educational program.

Facebook page

If you want to see what happens on a day-to-basis and celebrate with us take a look at our official Facebook page. You can review how we do what we do here.

Skoolbag mobile app

A school has many organisational messages to inform parents of each day about class routines, field trips, bus times, special events and much more.

Skoolbag provides schools with an easy way to tell parents/carers everything they need to know, and it provides parents with the most convenient way to receive school notifications.

No more lost paper in student school bags! School newsletters, school notices, and alerts are communicated directly to the parent smartphone through the Skoolbag school mobile app.

Skoolbag is school mobile app that communicates directly with iPhone, and Android devices.

Parents simply add the school mobile app to their phone and then view the school's documents and notifications.

We highly recommend you download the app at these links: